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Arrived is a location based messaging platform that generates both in app notifications and in store notifications based on the mobile user’s location allowing companies to increase mobile user engagement, save consumers time and improve service quality through continuous communication.  The platform includes a feature rich API allowing companies to either integrate with their own branded mobile app creating a seamless mobile app user experience or utilize the Arrived mobile app for their own deployment.  Examples of how Arrived serves various industries with a single platform:

Home Delivery

Ever received a text stating your online order made it your house but the text was 2 hours after the item was delivered?  Arrived lets the consumer know when the item is 5, 10, 15 minutes out from being delivered allowing the consumer to greet the delivery person with open arms.


Place an online order and chose in store pick up only to arrive at the store and have to wait for 15, 30 or even 45 minutes for the in store staff to find your item.  Arrived notifies the in store staff the consumer is in the parking lot and headed into the store to pick up their order.


You’ve made a reservation at a popular restaurant and now its time to check in with the host/hostess.  Arrived simplifies this process by notifying the host/hostess the patron is in the parking lot and headed towards the front door of the restaurant.

Field Service

Your heating and cooling contractor says “Our guy will be there between 9am and 12pm and will call on his way.”  Hours of anticipation go by only to have the heating and cooling guy knock on your door when he shows up with no call ahead.  Arrived notifies the consumer when the heating and cooling guy is 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes out from showing up.  The consumer can decide when to notified on the expected arrival time of the contractor.