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Renewable energy is crucial to our future generations when it comes to sustainable living standards.  Siting, permitting, feedstocks  and most importantly the consumer of the renewable fuel produced from a waste to energy facility all play a part.  With expertise in this field, Labs is currently executing the due diligence required to site a facility in the Greater Cincinnati region.

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Location based messaging platform built to trigger outbound/inbound mobile notifications based on geofence entry.

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Patient outcome management system for mental health case management and Medicaid risk reduction.

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Elevator Service Marketplace

This SAAS application will help make the elevator service marketplace a more efficient market, reducing costs for consumers while increasing quality of service.

Live Video Customer Service

With the explosion of live video running on platforms the likes of Facebook, Periscope, Meerkat and Keek, we believe that the face of customer service in the future will be based on live video – which will humanize businesses and increase customer satisfaction.

HIPAA Software Platform

The difficulties of taking a HIPAA-compliant web application to market mean that few firms are confident they can pull it off.  We are researching the possibility of creating a HIPAA compliance platform that will eliminate much of the risk of these types of endeavors.


As Bill Gates recently said, the future of energy will, for the foreseeable future, be tied to liquid fuels.  We are currently investigating a number of opportunities to increase the efficiency of liquid Air-to-Fuel synthesis technologies.


With the strong agricultural community in Ohio, and the potential to pass new legislation opening up new biofuel sources, we believe there may be a sustainable model for biofuel generation in the midwest, and are researching this industry.