Unstoppable Labs is a Cincinnati-based technology laboratory founded by two serial entrepreneurs with 30 years of combined experience in creating hundreds of products and services for clients and customers.

The core mission of Unstoppable Labs is to develop new technology products in diverse markets, utilizing both licensed IP from our prior clients, and product ideas that we iteratively validate with customers.

Part of our strength is that while many startups struggle to put in place a solid software development team to make their initial products more than just a throw-away interface, our sister company – Unstoppable Software – already has a team of developers ready that can hit the ground running and make our products with both user-friendly interfaces and scalable back-ends from the outset.

Our plan is to have a pipeline of targeted products in development, each of which we will take through the process of proof-of-concept, Beta, and then release to customers.  Each product we develop will have a rock-solid go-to-market strategy, target acquirers, and potential customers lined up before release.  Our goal is to prove the product in the marketplace – not to set the unrealistic goal of creating the next Facebook overnight.  This approach of focused, early-exit products will provide a pipeline of innovation to target acquirers, and also increase the volume of investment exits that occur in the Cincinnati startup community.

Our product selection philosophy revolves around:

  • Addressable markets with at least 10% annual growth with no clear leader
  • Tools that simplify and save time for the target audience
  • Generating Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Creating above average return on investment
  • Establishing Clear targets for acquisition

If you are interested in learning more about our approach, or are interested in joining our team as an investment partner, please contact us.